Social media marketing

Social media marketing, social media advertising and other corporate communications should be directed to wherever people are. And that place is social media. Many companies know how to navigate the world of social media on their own, but you can get a lot more out of it with the help of a good guide.

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Social media marketing boosts sales

Social media marketing is used for the same purposes as any other marketing: to create demand, increase sales, raise interest, increase sales, stand out from competitors, increase sales, create a desired image, increase sales, increase your market share, increase sales, stay ahead of competition, and increase sales.

Social media marketing helps you reach the right audience

Social media marketing is cost-efficient. A clearly defined target audience and careful planning will help reduce your advertising waste. Performance and results are easy to follow, so you can always push your marketing in the direction that works best for you.

Choosing the right social media channels for marketing

In Finland, social media marketing is mostly focused on Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn is an excellent advertising platform for B2B products and services, whereas Snapchat and TikTok are mainly used by people under the age of 30, at least for now. However, it is good to remember that social media and its features are constantly evolving. The latest trends are slowly flowing upwards from the younger generation to the older.

Social media channels are a good place to share and promote your expertise in a natural and casual way, without being pushy. Interesting social media content attracts customers. However, remember that competition for people’s time and attention is fierce, and even good content often needs to be boosted with paid advertising.

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Social media marketing with the help of an expert

Succeeding in the world of social media requires a systematic approach, consistency and a strategy that speaks to the target audience. Therefore, companies are increasingly relying on external experts who specialise in social media management and who manage brands’ visibility and presence on social media.

Companies should have a social media strategy that specifies the goals of social media marketing and a schedule for how often something is posted, by whom, how and on what topic. And on which social media channel.

Managing social media accounts

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok. There are some for starters. Social media accounts should be approached in the same way as any other media choices: do it right or don’t do it at all. That is why it is smart to choose your battles, that is, to only create social media accounts that will most likely help you reach your target audience. For most, this often means a combination of Facebook and Instagram. If you are targeting younger audiences, Snapchat and TikTok may be the best solution. You can rely on Sometehdas to guide you through the jungle of social media accounts!


Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is a classic social media platform and its popularity is shooting up again after a brief drop. Facebook is a place where both small and large peer groups can find each other and actively communicate. Facebook is a social media channel for adults.

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is a world of photos and videos. Appealing and authentic videos and photos of products, businesses, backgrounds and people work well on Instagram. The use of the Stories feature is constantly increasing, and various filters bring colour and life to the posts. Instagram is a good place to interact with followers in a spontaneous and casual manner. Good #hashtags help visitors find the topics they want. Join Instagram today!

Ps. Remember that Instagram is also a great place to build your employer brand!


TikTok is the newest platform in the social media mix. TikTok is the best platform to reach teenagers and younger audiences who actively produce and follow TikTok’s video content. Go check it out and see what it's about. Remember, first come, first served!


LinkedIn is a platform for professionals and companies best suited for promoting B2B products.


Twitter is always awake. Things may be actively displayed for just a day or a few hours per day. Twitter is a suitable option for companies that are also active, up-to-date and always ready to react quickly.