Video production

Video is the word of the day. And tomorrow. According to Google, more than a billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. Video content is shared on social media channels for entertainment, educational purposes and inspiration.

You can use a video to elicit emotional responses, to increase understanding, to increase your sales and, most importantly, to tell a story. A good video will help you increase the attractiveness of your product and business and ensure that they leave a lasting impression.


Video ads

Our video production team designs and creates customised video ads for your website, social media channels and events.

Corporate videos

With videos, we bring your brand to life, promote your business, and support your organisation’s internal and external communication.

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Social media content

We produce videos, photos, contests and other social media content.

The optimal duration for social media videos is approximately 10-30 seconds. According to current trends, people favour concise narratives (cf. Instagram Stories) and a laid-back approach.

Advertising is also generally more productive with short social media videos.



Product videos and manuals

Help your customer make a purchasing decision by making an appealing product video featuring your product or service. Operation and maintenance are easier for the customer when instructions are provided in the form of a video.

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In-house production

Sometehdas has its own video production unit with modern equipment and creative minds.

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We design, film, record, direct, narrate, edit and post-edit videos, find the best models, actors and filming locations, guide you on how to post and distribute your videos on social media, and build campaigns around your video.

Creative design and scriptwriting

Clarifying an idea in the flood of communication and turning it into a compelling story often requires an outsider’s perspective. We will help you find and refine your idea into a video, a sales concept, or even a marketing campaign.

Campaign examples

HIAB Suomi

The customer wanted to produce a short video quickly and efficiently for their recruitment process. The production was carried out straightforwardly, with style and at a reasonable price. As a result, the company received more applications than usual. And the right person was found!

KTI Laskutus Oy

The aim was to present an overview of the company and its new premises in a casual manner characteristic of the company. In addition to the corporate video, we also produced a video consisting of bloopers and outtakes (video on the right). The company decided to publish both videos. You can guess if their courage paid off.

3PLogistiikka Group Oy

The goal was to increase 3PL’s market share in Seinäjoki. The campaign was built around a video, but we also created a multichannel model that utilised various media:

  • A video
  • A social media campaign specifically customised for the target audience
  • A newspaper advertisement (Ilkka newspaper’s front page)
  • A letter to certain recipients (delivered in person to discuss personal meetings)